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University of Pretoria Staff Directory


See the University of Pretoria Staff Directory | Detailed format of University of Pretoria Staff Directory.

University of Pretoria Academic Calendar 2022/2023

The University of Pretoria Staff Directory is detailed information about the various full-time and part-time staff workers, for easy access to their services. The directory includes their outlook webmail, portal, contacts, office address, email addresses, etc. Students should stay apprised with the directory.

University of Pretoria Staff Directory.

Below is the detailed chart of the University of Pretoria Staff Directory;

Name Office Telephone Email Address Research Area/Title
Auret, FD NS1, 5-6 012-420-2684 danie.auret Electronic Materials & Thin Films
Booth, R Radio Astronomy
Bredell, L NS1, 5- 012-420-2787 [email protected]
Chabangu, G NS1, 5-36 Messenger
Chakraborty, P Atomic collisions in solids, SIMS, RBS, XPS, XTEM, XRR, MBE
Chetty, N NS1, 5-54 012-420-6204 Nithaya.Chetty Theoretical & Computational Solid-State Physics
Cilliers, L NS1, 4-16 012-420-4168 Laetitia.Cilliers First-year Practical Coordinator
Diale, M NS1, 5-7 012-420-4418 Mmantsae.Diale Electronic Materials & Thin Films, Solar Energy
Duvenhage, R NS1, 5-48 012-420-2790 Rocco.Duvenhage Mathematical Physics
Friedland, EKH NS1, 5-17 012-420-2453 [email protected] Nuclear Materials
Grayson, D Physics Education
Gries, W [email protected] Cognitive Physical Science
Hlatshwayo, T NS1, 5-59 012-420-4777 Thulani.Hlatswayo Nuclear Materials
Janse van Rensburg, PJ NS1, 5-2 012-420-3507 Johan.Jansevanrensburg Electronic Materials & Thin Films
Janse van Rensburg, C NS1, 5-4 012-420-5135 Claudia.Zander Quantum Information Theory
Joubert, D NS1, 1-27 012-420-6806 Danie.Joubert Mechanical Technician
Krüger, TPJ NS1, 5-24 012-420-2508 Tjaart.Kruger Biophysics
Langa, D NS1, 5-22 012-420-3132 Dolly.Langa Nuclear Materials
Legodi, M NS1, 5-5 012-420-4413 Matsuhisa.Legodi Electronic Materials & Thin Films
Machatine, AJG NS1, 5-57 012-420-2459 Augusto.Machatine Group Theory
PC(M), F223 012-842-3536
Malherbe, JB NS1, 5-66 012-420-2455 Johan.Malherbe Surface Physics
Manyala, N NS1, 4-6 012-420-2908 Ncholu.Manyala Carbon Technology & Materials
SC2, 1-36 012-420-3549
Moloi, J NS1, 5-36 012-420-2455 Joan.Moloi Departmental Secretary
Meyer, WE NS1, 5-44 012-420-2637 wmeyer Electronic Materials & Thin Films
Motsoeneng, J NS1, 4-8 012-420-4967 Ghobosheana.Motsoeneng First-year practical coordinator (Mamelodi)
Nel, J NS1, 5-11 012-420-3580 Jackie.Nel Electronic Materials & Thin Films, Optical Characterisation, Scanning Probe Microscopy
Odendaal, Q NS1, 5-51 012-420-3903 Quintin.Odendaal
Prinsloo, L Optical Characterisation
Rakitianski, S NS1, 5-53 012-420-3173 Sergei.Rakitianski Quantum Few-Body Theory
Selyshchev, P NS1, 5-70 012-420-6641 Pavel.Selyshchev Complex Systems
Shithlane, S Workshop Assistant
Smith, J Electronics Technician
Theron, CC NS1, 5-36 012-420-2455 Chris.Theron Ion Beam Analysis
Throop, H Planetary Astronomy
van den Heever, A Technical Assistant First-year Laboratory
van Staden, J NS1, 5-18 012-420-2470 Johan.van Staden
Zoubos, K NS1, 5-15 012-420-5781 kzoubos Theoretical High Energy Physics



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