Requirements To Study Health And Safety Courses

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Occupational safety and health, also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety, occupational health, or occupational safety, is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at work. If you’re considering stepping into occupational health and safety as a career, here are the requirements universities look for.

Occupational health and safety specialists examine the workplace for environmental or physical factors that could have an affect on employee health, safety, comfort and performance.

Occupational health and safety specialists may have a look at factors such as lighting, equipment, ventilation and/or materials, while also conducting training and employee safety workshops.

Let’s begin with certain subjects you’d need to have from Grade 10. The subjects that you choose in Grade 10 may directly determine what study options you will have at tertiary institutions.

This is a Health Sciences field of study, therefore there are specific high school subjects that are required to study in this field. You also need to meet the minimum APS score of the University you are going to study at. The following subjects are needed and essential for the curriculum:

  1. Physical Science
  2. Mathematics
  3. Life Sciences
  4. English Home Language
  5. or English First or Second Additional Language.

In order to be accepted at a University in South Africa, or (Colleges that use APS scores) for a qualification in Occupational Health and Safety, you should possess a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) with an APS score of between 26 – 35.

APS score is determined by the Grade 12 marks or results. It is also good to know that Universities and Colleges may use your Grade 11 marks if you applied before your matric results came out.

Also, not every University has the same requirements, so be mindful of any different or additional requirements needed when applying to a specific institution.


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