‘ It makes me dimwitted and robs me of mental subtleness. Mr Ugwu was right though he spoke with blatant disregard to my feelings ( but does he know that I’ve been squirting ? ). You really scarred my day, you know. I don’t like Social Anthropology and its nosing theses on Relationship Theory ‘ . As Obinna self-talked, his eyes strayed around his little room with black accusatory looks, then it rested on the Smut  which laid open on his little mattress which rested on the floor. ‘ No, no, no. Not anymore!’ He hurried to close the opened page, his eyes rested on the figure again. Her eyes tore through him with an unusual torrent of spasms, which paralyzed his spine. Her sizable boobs with dark tits, footled as though they would strip out of the magazine. As he raked down the image lustily, he exclaimed ‘ what a fancy woman ! ‘ . He had begun to smooch the reptile between his legs, spooning back and forth, his eyes grew dim with self-whispering teleportation of emotions, then was the spasm and antsy blinks; squirting and afterwards, there was dead silence.

Obinna laid lull on his little mattress, gasping for breath after the squirt, staring with lacklustre eyes. He hated his ridiculous anserine behaviour, he felt foolish and helpless. Weary of the little prison-like room, the Smut, and himself, he did to stand but felt a sharp ache in his balls. His androgen receptors have been over stressed due to continual squirting. The pain swept over his nerves as he laid with invalid blanched cheeks. He struggled to a tin of peak milk that he bought the previous night at a kiosk just directly opposite his hostel. It was just a leftover but it saw him again to his feet. He stood and made his way to the bathroom that was shared between him and a two hundred level female medical student who lived next door to pass piddle than he packed into her. In uncontrolled fright and paroxysm, she jumped and clammed him with her hands. Her face was covered with soap butter such that she knew not who it was. Before she could scream out, Obinna convulsed back into his room at the speed of light. He regretted leaving his room, he felt he had embarrassed Nyakno, the ravishing medical student from Akwa Ibom State. He felt he had shamefaced himself. He lay on his mattress all day. Gradually, his face began to glow like coal in the dark. He thought of her bulbous ass which projected like a volcanic eruption and the slick soap butter that ran through her cleavages, her massive boobs that palpitated with luring zeal, then he felt his hands smooching through. Her lusty groans soused his brain, she begged him to fondle her nudity, her cries implored his androgen receptors, he shivered with strong spasm, muttering promises in polysyllables. He promised his life on the line for her, she recluse with a depleting moan while he melted inside, blinking shakily and squirting again. Then there was a dead silence again. Obinna began to weep in frustration, he felt stupid and self-abused. He begged God to forgive him and help deliver him from the spirit of onanism…..


Echem John 
Copyrights reserved.

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