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Past solitude untrodden, the wildness
of quietude
Past bare limbs sunflowers in the
dense interior
Past trees, stone blackened by the soot
of age
Past the wrinkled brows of probing tomes
Past a bone dry riverbed, craving for rain
Past the sweet-woodruff of savory rhymes
Past the reed-headed sun piercing the west
Past a brigade of black ants in a hushed parade
Past twilight, homeward unimagined
Past the umbra of hearse scarlets and caskets
Past the slumbering lake of the distant tarn
Past the thalassic with a wide stretch
Past the busy gates of time
Sunless, the home beyond lies
Sunless, the fruit ripens slowly
Sun-less, and naked like a jaybird
Sunless and songless, sunless and soulless
Sunless, in the open vat and cask
Sunless and stripped of breath
Homeward, a hueful floret in one hand
Homeward, an oak’s beam on the other
Homeward, a shadow incandesce across
a prairie
Homeward, to a plume of thorns
Homeward, to the regalia of subliminal
Homeward, onward, the sword of time.
Echem John 
Copyrights reserved.

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