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Read: Mountain Flower


Open! Floret of the mountaintop

My heart is full of green sprouts

Birthed in your season, my hilltop

flower, amazing—–

Ezi nwunye, overtop of the cathedral

of trees

Hatched from your uterus, the


Your eyes, moonlights glimmering

on the lawn

Why should I, this path? Forgot

Onyenuche. Our love, tightly interweaving


Let no hiccup singe our eyebrows

With shriveled sand mote in the clouds—-

Spread your petals. Ours, no sabbatical

Odinani, Odinani, priestess of love

Plant me in your womb. No moth, there would

In the crack of dawn, I’ll bloom—-

How wondrous, you strip your veil each morning

Naked as a jaybird, with pristine promises—-

Teaching virtue to the trees, a chorale of

crickets for evensong

Draping the day into an inky bed

Sightless, your beauty; in a facade of trees

Impeaching hard against, this injustice

Let me be the high priest of the morning—-

Echem John 

Copyrights reserved. 


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