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How To Change your registration At UNISA


You may make any of the following changes to your registration by logging on to myUnisa and following the registration prompts.

Adding modules

To add modules after registration has been activated for the academic year, you must apply online and then pay the necessary fee to the university by the relevant closing date for registration. Please note that requests to add modules received via e-mail or after the closing date for the relevant registration period will NOT be accepted as official requests for additions.

If you are already registered and would like to add additional modules, login to myUnisa, choose the myAdmin link, click on “Student Admin” and then on “Register Additional Modules”.

Cancelling modules

To cancel modules, login to myUnisa. Choose the myAdmin link, click on “Student Admin” and then on “Cancel Modules”. You will, however, forfeit the applicable portion of the fees paid (related to the date of cancellation). Please look at the “exclusion from studies” paragraph in the Student Rules before cancelling modules. Should you wish to cancel your registration within 10 calendar days of your registration being activated, you may apply for a full refund in line with Unisa’s cooling-off period.To apply for a possible refund complete the relevant refund form and submit to [email protected] after the cancellation has been processed.

Changing your address and/or telephone number

Submit all requests to change telephone numbers and/or postal, physical or courier addresses via myUnisa. All addresses are compulsory. No registrations will be processed without address details.

Exam centre

All Unisa exams are now online exams (exam centre code 3601-3), with the exception of practical examinations which are arranged by the colleges. The colleges will notify the relevant students of the date, time and venue of the practical examinations.


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