Hebron Theological College Results 2023/2024 I How to Check Online

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Hebron Theological College Second Semester Result 2023/2024 | How to Check Semester Exams Results in 2023/2024 Download PDF Online

Hebron Theological College Results

The Management of the Hebron Theological College has enabled its second-semester Result checking portal for undergraduate, postgraduate, freshers, First-year students, second-year students, Third-year students, diploma students to check their 2nd-semester results & 2nd-semester test Results online. On this note, Hebron Theological College Students are to follow the procedures below to check their second-semester results and how to calculate their GP, CGP, grades & score.

How to Check Hebron Theological College Second Semester Result 2023/2024 Online.

You can view your results online via the institution’s portal. Please note that results appear online as they are uploaded. In case you check and it is not online yet, you may check back.

Go to the Hebron Theological College official website or Hebron Theological College Student Portal
Log in by entering your matric no (Reg Number) and password (Access code) Select Result Checking
 Click on Check results and print if you choose to print it out
Then Log out.

Here Is Hebron Theological College official website: http://www.hebroncollege.co.za

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